HRI's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) offers a range of natural products research and consulting services, focused on our clients' most critical needs and opportunities. In addition to conducting independent research, the SAB offers services to support product development, quality assurance, and organizational development. The diverse backgrounds and composition of SAB members offer expertise and a comprehensive, integrated approach to assist clients in reaching their goals and maximizing potential.

What We Do

Independent Horticultural & Medical Research

The SAB is currently working with state government to execute, produce, and conduct independent research in plant and fungi medicine. The organization is also seeking partnerships with local, regional, and federal government offices to collaborate on additional research projects.

Quality Assurance & Product Validation

The SAB's members bring together years of medical plant and fungi product development and quality assurance experience. Drawing together their myriad expertise, the board offers product validation and quality assurance services for horticultural and natural medicinal products.

Organizational Development

The SAB works with our clients to support start-up activities and organizational development in the horticultural and natural medicinal products arena. Our board assists clients in building strong organizations through superior management, leadership development, and organizational design.