Oregon's evolving landscape regarding the State's medical cannabis and newly introduced recreational cannabis laws heralds the need for responsible, scientific investigation and an opportunity for Oregon to establish itself as a regional, national, and international leader of cannabis research. Responding to Oregon's 1998 decision to legalize medical cannabis, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) instituted the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP), which currently sets the standard nationally in medical cannabis program administration and regulation. With an almost twenty year history of program development and implementation, Oregon is poised to become a major player in cannabis and natural products research, development, and education.

Oregon-based Health Research Institute (HRI) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that is dedicated to human and planetary health, education, and research and to furthering knowledge and application of plant- and fungi-based medicines. In response to the nation's emerging cannabis industry, coupled with an escalating demand for evidence-based research and standardization, HRI formed their Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), made up of a robust and enthusiastic group of researchers, clinicians, and technology leaders conducting horticultural and medical research into cannabis and its derivatives. The need for scientific research is also recognized by the Oregon Health Authority's Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana (ACMM), by the State of Oregon's Retail Marijuana Scientific Advisory Committee (RMSAC), and by the ACMM's Medical and Horticultural Research Subcommittee.  These committees benefit from input and representation of HRI's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members.

HRI is currently engaged in a number of observational studies, and in the development of instruments and methodologies that objectify the efficacy of cannabis - compared to narcotics - in the management of chronic pain. HRI is dedicated to quality health care, through research and education, and to helping Oregon define itself as a leading contributor to natural products research and development.